Frequently Asked Questions


How much will it cost to frame my artwork?

Every project will vary depending on the size and materials chosen. We are always willing to work within your budget to assure the best fit for your style, wallet and home.

How long will it take for my art to be framed?

Our framers work diligently to assure your project turns out perfectly. With that, perfection takes time. We generally schedule project pick-ups two weeks out, but at times it may take longer.   We will always give you a call to notify you when your art is ready for pick up at the gallery.

I need my project framed by tomorrow, is that possible?

It is quite possible. Depending on the matting and frame you select, we can have your order ready for your timeline, and if it’s a gift, we are happy to gift wrap it.

What is conservation framing?  

Conservation framing allows for the safe display of artwork while avoiding deterioration from exposure to the environment. We frame with UV protected glass, acid-free backing,  matting, and utilize archival hinging methods, unless specified.

What environmental factors are harmful to my artwork?

Light, dust, moisture, heat and humidity … oh my! These pesky elements have sneaky ways of creeping into your artwork and damaging it. Thankfully our conservation framing will help protect your beloved items from these ghastly elements.

Can I order just a mat?

Absolutely. Our on-site frame shop houses a lot of in-stock matting depending on the size, but we are also happy to order that very specific shade and material you desire.

Do you print photos here?

We do not have the proper equipment to print any artwork. The only action our printer receives is framing work orders and restaurant menus. Bada bing.

Can you appraise my artwork?

Our staff may embody the talents of a million gifted fairies, but appraising is not our specialty.  Once your art is appraised, though, we will be more than happy to form a beautiful design for your piece.

Is it important for a mat and frame to match the room it will be placed in?

Not necessarily. When framing it is important to consider the artwork’s longevity, not just where it will hang once you take it home.

Do you only frame paper artworks and photographs?

We frame everything! Our wide selection of frames allows guests to frame objects of your desire. There is no challenge too big for our designers and frame shop. Napkins, instruments, medals, clothing -- you name it, we can frame it.

How do I hang my artwork?

If you’re having trouble hanging your artwork, our studly crew of framers also double as picture frame hangers. If we framed the piece, we can deliver and hang your artwork. See Delivery/Installation for more details.

Can you fix my frame?

Absolutely. We can rejoin “popped corners’’ or completely chop down and rejoin your frame to use for a new project. We can touch up most minor blemishes as well.


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